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Putnam Public Service District


Construction of Jonathan Larck Reservoir in the fall of 1990.

Origins :

TVPSD and SPPSD LogoPutnam Public Service District can trace its origins to September 2, 1959, when the organizational meeting of one of our predecessor organizations, Teays Valley Public Service District, was held at the Putnam County Courthouse in Winfield, West Virginia. TVPSD's first three members of the Board of Commissioners, J.C. Van Dyke, George Cargill, and Russell Lemon, were charged with the task of overseeing the construction, maintenance, and expansion of a new public water system to serve the communities of Teays, Mt. Vernon, Scott Depot, and Scary in order to provide current residents with quality drinking water and to facilitate expected growth resulting from the upcoming construction of Interstate 64 through the valley.

After years of planning, design, engineering, and construction, TVPSD officially opened its business office on January 27, 1964 and officially began billing its customers on February 1 of that year. Over the next several years construction extended water service to Cow Creek Road in the west and to Scary in the east.

Meanwhile, the 1960s also saw the foundation of Kanawha Orchard Public Service District, another of PPSD's predecessor agencies. KOPSD provided water service to Rocky Step, Bills Creek, McCloud Road, and Shawnee Estates through a connection to TVPSD's water system.

Initial Expansion :

By the 1970s, growth in Teays Valley had exposed a need for the area's reliance on septic tanks to be replaced with a sanitary sewer system. Rather than constructing a new wastewater treatment facility, the district opted to enter into a series of agreements with the City of Hurricane so that wastewater could be treated at their planned municipal plant. Teays Valley PSD's ambitious expansion plan led to a 1981 name change to South Putnam Public Service District in order to reflect the district's growth outside of the areas traditionally defined as Teays Valley.

By the mid-80s, South Putnam Public Service District was providing sewer service for customers in the valley from the Hurricane city limits to Crooked Creek Road and to locations in and just south of Hurricane that were not served by the city sewer system.

Recent Growth :

North Putnam PSD logoThe early 1990s saw the construction of a large earthen dam and lake called the Jonathan Larck Reservoir. This project has allowed the district to expand its water system into parts of the county that would otherwise be without treated water and fire protection and has prevented water shortages in times of drought.

In 1993 SPPSD expanded its water system further to the northeast by absorbing Kanawha Orchard PSD, which it had already been maintaining for some time due to an operating agreement between the districts.

The late 90s and early 00s saw SPPSD grow to serve even more of Putnam County's rural areas. Sewer service was extended along US 60 to Ryder's Creek with the help of funding from the federal government and along Teays Valley Road to Hollywood Drive. This period also saw SPPSD construct an entirely new sewer system to serve the communities of Fraziers Bottom and Midway. Additionally, water service was extended along Cow Creek Road and Hurricane Creek Road. It was also during this time that South Putnam assumed responsibility for operating and maintaining North Putnam Public Service District, a sewer utility that served the communities of Bancroft, Hometown, and Red House.

Today, Tomorrow, and Beyond :

Putnam PSD LogoStarting in 2004, SPPSD undertook an unprecedented plan to expand and improve our water and sewer systems in order to maintain a high level of customer service as Putnam County continues its rapid rate of growth and economic development. South Putnam PSD, later Putnam PSD (after its 2006 merger with NPPSD), has aggressively worked to extend water service into rural areas of Putnam County, including Trace Creek, Poindexter Road, Coleman Creek, North Poplar Fork, and Morrison Hollow. In 2006 and 2007, three new storage tanks were added to the system in order to maintain an ample reserve of fresh water as the demand on the system grows at a steady rate.

Putnam Public Service District has also made it a priority to dramatically improve the quality of wastewater service in the Lower Kanawha Valley. Our Fraziers Bottom/Midway sewer system has already undergone several major expansions, including the addition of the Putnam Business Park. and a second phase of construction in Midway. Another new system was completed in the summer of 2007 that serves 500 customers along US 35 and the Kanawha River from Shawnee Estates to the area around the St. Albans exit of I 64. 2008 witnessed the dedication of the new Calvin L. Hatfield Maintenence Facility that will allow for even better customer service.

With excellent customer service, state of the art technology, high standards in water treatment, and a knowledgeable staff, Putnam PSD is prepared to be a leader in fostering and facilitating growth in Putnam County for years to come. As we look to the future, we see a bright tomorrow for Putnam County, its residents, and its business community.

Maps of PPSD's Expansion :
The orginal service boundaries of Teays Valley PSD & Kanawha Orchard PSD.
South Putnam PSD's service area in the mid-1990s.
Putnam PSD's service area as of 2007.

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